Livelihood and Inclusive Business Development

Sustainable livelihood development has been a journey which started with supporting community-based initiatives based on felt needs and inspired by Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices and aimed at supporting the conservation of local agrobiodiversity and linking to higher-value markets. Through a multi-stakeholder approach a strategic shift towards generating economic opportunities for the marginalized population which are grounded in viable inclusive and conflict-sensitive business models, led by the private sector within a government framework.

Selection Criteria for Responsible Investment in Forest Lands

Guidebook-Selection Criteria for Responsible
Investments in Forest Lands Final 2016

Promoting Economic Development for Peace: An Introduction to Inclusive Business and Livelihood Approaches

Facilitating IB Development for Peace

Success Story: Answering the Call: Inclusive Business for Conflict-Sensitive Ancestral Domain Economic Development on Investment Promotion

Inclusive Business Success Story

Success Story: Growing Organic Native Rice: Breaking the Cycle of Informal Money-lending, Low Bargaining Power and Degradation of the Environmen

Native Rice

Success Story: A Sweet Tasting Fruit: Solving the Riddle of Livelihood Needs, Biodiversity Conservation and Indigenous Practices

Native Jam

Success Story: Tribal agroforestry farms. Managing ancestral domains while sustaining biodiversity and livelihood


Poster: Handicraft and Souvenir Making Using Water Hyacinth and Tiko

Poster Handicraft

Story 2014: Journey towards Establishing Trust and Confidence with the Talaandig Tribe

Story 2014 A journey towards establishing
trust and confidence with the Talaandig Tribe

Factsheet: Sustainable Livelihoods Development

Factsheet Livelihood hires

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