Local Peace Agendas

To foster dialogue in the cooperation for more inclusive, sustainable, and peaceful development, existing multi-stakeholder platforms, such as the Peace and Order Councils (POCs) as well as the Development Councils (and other convergence mechanisms), need to develop joint peacebuilding approaches. Emphasis is put on promoting peacebuilding and development needs in a local context. Based on thorough situational analyses, contextualized peace agenda are formulated and implemented at the regional and provincial levels. This process includes facilitation of spaces for inter-regional and multi-stakeholder dialogues, as well as targeted capacity-building measures.

Success Story 2014: Making Local Governance Responsive to Peace Building Needs

Story 2014 Making Local Governance
Responsive to Peace Building Needs

Caraga Road Map for Peace


PBDN Guide Books

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Movies for Peace (2016)

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Peacebuilding and Development Framework and Agenda for Northern Mindanao

RPBDFA - Region 10

Shaping a Local Peace Agenda: Peacebuilding and Development Needs (PBDN) Guidebook


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