Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Mapping/Training and Data Sharing

Images generated by UAVs can be used to identify overlapping titles, analyze land uses, and monitor biodiversity- just to name a few. The UAV data forms the basis for land-use and development planning and can be used as input for multi-stakeholder dialogues which aim at harmonizing plans and actions towards a more peaceful and inclusive management of natural resources. Further, mechanisms and protocols for sharing geo-data through online platforms or bilaterally improved the relationship between the agencies, which went from being antagonistic to sharing data and cooperating towards common goals

Experiences and Success Stories

Caraga Socioecological and
Environmental Portal Manual of Operations
Information Sharing for the Benefit of Indigenous Peoples

UAV Training Materials


Getting Started
Getting Started
Module 1
Module 1
Introduction to UAV
Module 2
Module 2
Introduction to DJI
DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus for Mapping
Module 3
Module 3
Regulations Philippines
Module 4
Module 4
Flight Planning Introduction
Module 4
Flight Planning Instructions
Flight Planning Exercise
  1. Barangay San Agustin Leyte (KML)
  2. Development Project Butuan (DBF)
  3. Development Project Butuan (PRJ)
  4. Development Project Butuan (SHP)
  5. Development Project Butuan (SHX)
Module 5
Module 5
Flight Operation Introduction
Flight Operation Instructions

Module 6
Module 6
Image Processing
Image Processing Instructions
Image Processing Exercise
  1. Image 1
  2. Image 2
  3. Image 3
  4. Image 4
  5. Image 5
  6. Image 6
  7. Image 7
  8. Image 8
  9. Image 9
  10. Image 10
  11. Image 11
  12. Image 12
Module 7
Module 7
Visualization Introduction
Module 7
Visualization Instruction
Visualization Exercise
  1. 3D File
  2. DJI Phantom4 DSM
  3. DJI Phantom4 Ortho
  4. PhilGIS BarangayBoundaries ADN (KML)
Module 8
Module 8
Post Processing
Post Processing Instructions
Post Processing Exercise
  1. DJI Phantom4 DSM
  2. DJI Phantom4 Ortho
  3. DSM Reference Point
  4. GCP

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