Ancestral Domain Titling Process Supported by Local Government Units (LGUs)

Approach of how Local Government Units (LGUs) can provide support to the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) and Indigenous Peoples (IPs) in processing the claim for Ancestral Domain of Indigenous Peoples within their political jurisdictions.


  • How Local Government Units (LGUs) as “assistors” (according to Indigenous Peoples Republic Act [IPRA]) can provide financial and technical support to the titling process of Ancestral Domains in line with the Local Government Code and Commission on Audit (COA) rules and regulations
  • How LGU-resource generation and usages can contribute to the processing of claims under NCIP’s lead
  • How cooperation mechanisms between LGU, NCIP and IP communities can be improved, e.g. through joint strategic steering (NCIP & LGU) and joint ground-level implementation (support cooperation structures to NCIP)

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