BukSU disseminates project output university-wide through storytelling

Some of the participants of the Project Output Dissemination with the BuKSU-IEG team (seated front row), who acted as resource persons.

MALAYBALAY City, PH — In a historic first, the Bukidnon State University (BukSU) used the storytelling tool in disseminating to the whole university community the milestones and learnings of the Institute for Environmental Governance (IEG) team on the project it has undertaken in partnership with the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) through the Conflict Sensitive Resource and Asset Management (COSERAM) Program.

Some participants during the “continuing the “learning journey” workshop, about how the university can carry the learning forward.

Dr. Joy M. Mirasol, vice president for Research, Extension and International Affairs, said Storytelling is the method the IEG team learned during the project implementation and using it in disseminating the project milestones and learnings will enable the whole university to experience snippets of their experiences and visualize what they did.

The activity was attended by the university vice president for Academic Affairs, director for Research and director for Extension. This is the first time that three of the six dean of colleges and 12 of the 16 department chairpersons attended and participated in a university-wide project dissemination activity.

During the dissemination workshop on March 19, the IEG team presented their experiences and learnings through a “team storytelling”, an impromptu or “improvisation” type of theatrical presentation.

Some participants interviewing each other during the “Bingo” game, which is a “getting-to-know-you-more” activity.

The story did not follow a clear storyline or timeline of events but were expressed according to where each of the team member learned more. The presenters told their whole learning journey including the ups and downs and the many surprises of the project implementation.

While telling their stories, they also used the pin board and meta cards to categorize their experiences according to the four-fold function of the university, namely Instruction, Research, Extension and Production or instructional material development.

Storytelling, a tool that draws from the personal experiences of the resource persons, is recognized as an effective communication and advocacy tool as it generates genuine interest, engages participants and conveys easily understandable information on complex issues based on evidence in a readily accessible manner. Because it emanates from personal and real experiences of the resource person, it also conveys authenticity and authority.

“This is very new to me because we did not only see the output put we also saw how they did it and how it is related to the function of the university. We can really take so much from this experience,” the vice president for Academic Affairs said.

While the presentation was about the project output, it also provide emphasis on what the university can take from this project.

A participant during the presentation of workshop outputs.

The main feature of the project is focused on two main categories, namely (a) organizational development of the Mindanao PAMB Network; and (b) capacity development of the Network members.

Like any capacity development intervention to the Mindanao PAMB Network the team implemented various learning tools and games like Bingo and the kahoots quiz.

During the activity, the IEG team also did a workshop during which the participants continued the “journey” by integrating their own learnings from the team’s presentation into the four functions of the university.

The participants said they were positively surprised and proud of the achievement of the IEG team. Some participants said they see the connection of what IEG is doing into the core function of the university.

Led by the three vice presidents present, the participants committed to reflect on the new vision, mission and goal of the university to check whether their current approaches to the four-fold functions are aligned to the new VMG. They also committed to mainstream the learnings from the project implementation, such as the development of the university-wide (or unified) Extension Strategy based on the project output, among others.

“I am happy to attend this dissemination activity because now I can really relate mathematics with extension and how to use various tools to improve the area of instruction,” said the chairperson of the Math Department.


All photos in this article are contributed by the Bukidnon State University (BukSU); used with permission. BukSU is a partner academic institution of GIZ-COSERAM in Northern Mindanao.

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