DENR, NCIP in Regions XI & XII sign MOA for MANP cooperation

DAVAO City, PH — Facilitated by the GIZ COSERAM IP4BioDiv Program, the respective regional directors of NCIP and DENR of Regions XI and XII recently signed the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) about their cooperation in the Mount Apo Natural Park with its ancestral domains.

The MoA implements the JMC 2007-1 for the management of overlapping protected areas (PA) and ancestral domains (AD) and shall be the basis in harmonizing the General Management Plan and the ADSDPPs of the Mount Apo Natural Park (MANP).

NCIP-12 Regional Director Woy Lim P. Wong talking with COSERAM’s Guenter Muehlbauer during a visit to the NCIP-12 office. (© GIZ/Rudolph Elmo dela Cruz)


The plan shall ensure the biodiversity conservation of the MANP and respect the legitimate rights of the indigenous people to manage their ancestral domains, as well as the other stakeholders who live in the area.

The natural resources in Mount Apo Natural Park are heavily threatened by illegal logging, encroachment of banana plantations, vegetable growing with pesticide uses, lack of solid waste management and construction activities in the strict protection zones (SPZs).

Encroachment of vegetable plots into the rainforest of the strict protection zone (SPZ). Carrots instead of rainforest facing Mount Apo. (© GIZ/Rudolph Elmo dela Cruz)

On June 2017, PENRO/ MANP PASu Pablito Ofrecia requested the support of GIZ-COSERAM for the land use/mapping of Barangay Kapatagan in Digos City. With the support of Franz-Fabian Bellot and David Bellhoff, 8,000 hectares were mapped using UAV drones.

The results of the land use mapping will serve as an entry point for discussions among the different stakeholders. Findings and results of these discussions will then be used for the sustainable management, protection, conservation and restoration of the MANP. They will also be the bases for drawing up of environmentally-friendly land use measures within the ancestral domains as well as for the Barangay Comprehensive Land Use Plan (BCLUP). All of these will then be presented during the next stakeholders meeting.

During the September 26, 2017 Regional Steering Committee (RSC) meeting, focused was given to Kapatagan as an essential step towards a harmonized management plans for the Mount Apo area. (see related story

To ensure the support and synergies, a consultation with the 7 local government units within the MANP was held. It was spearheaded by DENR 11 PENRO DdS and participated in by the DENR 12 MANP Deputy PASu and both NCIP 11/12 representatives. (see related story


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