DENR RXI-4 PENRO Digos D/S Encourages Sound Protected Area Management via Bio-fencing (written by Mr. Franklyn Buenaflor, DENR-Davao del Sur PASU Designate)

Two strip planting

RA 9237 or the Mt APO Act of 2003 has designated three management zones in the Mt Apo Protected Area. These are the Buffer Zone, The Multiple Use Zone (MUZ) and the Strict Protection Zone (SPZ). Of these three zones the most essential to preserving the Biological integrity and social-cultural heritage of the Nation’s Highest Peak is the SPZ. 

The Office of the PASu (Protected Area Superintendent under the PENRO of Digos City Davao Sur has initiated a 2 Strip -Planting activity in selected boundaries of the SPZ and the MUZ. As stipulated in both the General Management Plan 2013-2033 for Mt APO as well as the stated RA 9237—- human activities are prohibited in the SPZ. To better improve the demarcation and designation of these areas 35 Kms of 2M x1M strip planting of indigenous tree species has been done with the assistance of local People’s Organizations.

To further boost this projection of delineation, conservation and protection the DENR PENRO -Digos PASu with the assistance of the GIZ-COSERAM Project has installed 20 steel signages in the planting sites between the MUZ and SPZ. 

It is hoped and aspired that this bio-fencing, its maintenance and protection as well as future expansion will be sustained with the support of the ICCs, NCIP and the Asean Heritage Parks funding. 

The PASu’s office hopes are up with the adoption for Maintenance and Protection of the 2017 30 Kms’ of the planting site by the Abotiz Hedcorp and the addition 15kms of planting sites ( 5 for RXI and 10 for RXII sides) this 2018 with funding from the ASEAN Heritage Parks.

It is aspired that the Bio-fencing for the entire 250km of the SPZ and MUZ boundary be fully implemented by the 2020s with the continued support of all PAMB members for our beloved Mt APO. 

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