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Ensuring Indigenous People (IP) Rights into Mandated Planning Processes


This enhancement can run simultaneously to enhancement 5: Inter-phasing of Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development Plan (ADSDPP) with Planning Regimes of the LGU and LAs

Enhancement 2


Processes and tools on how to integrate indigenous viewpoints and concerns into mandated planning processes and plans i.e. Barangay Development Plan (BDP), Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) and, thus, implement the constitutional recognition of the rights of Indigenous Peoples (IPs) to self-governance and ancestral domains.


Interfaces can be anchored on:

  • the ecosystem as framework of analysis
  • the social function of land
  • the spatial integration of physical planning to social   and economic development planning.


Training Module and tools:

  • to help Local Government Units (LGUs)/Line Agencies (LAs) in understanding ethnicity, IP rights and concerns to conduct adequate data collection and analysis for development planning
  • for dialogue and cooperation between local governments, LA’s (e.g. National Commission on Indigenous Peoples [NCIP], Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board [HLURB], Department of Interior and Local Government [DILG], Department of Natural Resources [DENR]) and IP customary leaders.
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