Inter-Phasing of ADSDPP with Planning Regimes of LGU and Line Agencies

Process to strengthen Indigenous People (IP) to coordinate or jointly conduct selected steps of different planning regimes (i.e. Forest Land Use Plan [FLUP]/ CLUP/ Comprehensive Development Plan [CDP]-Barangay Development Plan [BDP]) in order to improve efficiency.

(Can run simultaneously to Enhancement 2: Ensuring Indigenous People (IP) Rights into Mandated Planning Processes.)


Reciprocal & sequential coordination of processes:

  • Preparatory activities
  • Formation of working groups and coordination mechanisms
  • Data scoping
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Visioning and development framework
  • Identification and choice of strategies

Guide and tools for indigenous people and NCIP:

  • To understand the need to inter-phase planning with LGUs and understand respective structures for planning
  • To participate in the plan formulation when and how inter-phasing will be pursed by the different users.

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