Municipal Alliance Harmonized Conflict Sensitive Planning in Surigao del Sur


Drivers of the process the 7 member Municipalities of MaCaSALTaBayaMi: Marihatag, Cagwait, San Agustin, Lianga, Tago, Bayabas, and San Miguel, Province of Surigao del Sur, DILG, OPAPP
Target Group poor and marginalized population of the member municipalities living in remote and conflict affected areas, especially Indigenous Peoples


This Activity Cluster of the COSERAM Program aims to support an alliance of LGUs in developing stronger inter-local cooperation and pooling municipal resources in a sustainable and efficient way in order to foster peace efforts in the affected areas.


The MaCaSALTaBayaMi is an alliance of seven municipalities located in the province of Surigao del Sur. The alliance occupies a total of 1,890 sq. km with a population of approximately 155,000. All members of the alliance share mountainous hinterlands where many Indigenous communities live. Operational fronts of both the New People’s Army and the government forces are also  located in this area.

The municipalities are commonly affected by a number of development challenges such as logging, recurrent natural disasters, and illegal fishing. Public services in conflict prone upland areas are hardly accessible. As a result, the region lacks investments and faces slow development.

In order to promote and implement a peaceful management of resources in the area, the MaCaSALTaBayaMi Alliance Development Project (MADEP) was created in 1995. The aim is to exert efforts in the preservation, protection and sustainable utilization of resources; uphold the rights of its people especially Indigenous Peoples (IPs), women and disadvantaged groups; and harmonize policies that are responsive to the needs of the alliance. Previous attempts of the municipalities to improve the situation jointly were not sustained; hence, one of the current challenges is to further strengthen the institutional set-up of the alliance.


End of 2010, the mayors of the 7 member municipalities expressed the wish to revitalize the alliance. A self-assessment of the legal, institutional and financial structure of the alliance supported by COSERAM and the Local Government Development Foundation (LOGODEF) provided for a series of necessary measures to improve the functioning of the alliance. Lessons learnt and best practices from other regions serve for the further strengthening of the alliance.

Based on these findings, the Memorandum of Agreement of the alliance members was revisited and an Inter-municipal Cooperation Team (IMCT) established.

COSERAM and LOGODEF have been requested to support the alliance in the capacity development of the Inter-Municipal Cooperation Team (IMCT) and further institutional strengthening of the alliance. Furthermore, selected development measures to strengthen the members’ cooperation and to increase their confidence in the benefits of inter-local cooperation will be supported.

Anticipated Results

The efforts of the MaCaSALTaBayaMi as an alliance are sustained

  • Well-functioning alliance with clear priorities and defined strategies addresses regional environmental, peace and security concerns

Capacity for the formulation of conflict-sensitive CLUP is strengthened

  • Conduct of a comprehensive conflict analysis
  • Capacity of members in harmonized and participatory land use planning as one approach to conflict sensitivity is strengthened

Public Services in the conflict-prone areas of the alliance are improved

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