SNRD Asia e-poster featuring Agusan Marsh is now out

THE Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary (AMWS), one of the Philippines’ most ecologically significant wetlands and protected area, is featured in the e-poster entitled “Experiences and Added Value of Participatory Governance Assessments of Protected Areas in Bangladesh, Laos, and the Philippines”, that was co-authored by GIZ-COSERAM.

Aside from the AMWS, the e-poster also featured the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest, the world’s largest continuous mangrove forest located within a massive river delta system between India and Bangladesh; and the Hin Nam No National Protected Area, a large, dissected karst plateau with 31 percent forest land, wetland, bare rocks and caves located in central Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

The e-poster, authored by Barbara Lang, Bastian Flury, Carina van Weelden, Nicole Bendsen, Oemar Idoe, and Remeen Firoz, is produced by the Biodiversity Working Group of the Sector Networks Natural Resources and Rural Development Asia (SNRD Asia) based in Bangkok, Thailand, and published by GIZ.

The e-poster can be downloaded by clicking on its title above or from here.


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