Success Stories



A Sweet Tasting Fruit Solving the Riddle of Livelihood Needs, Biodiversity Conservation and Indigenous Practices

Growing Organic Native Rice Breaking the Cycle of Informal Money-lending, Low Bargaining Power and Degradation of the Environment

Interfacing Customary and State Laws as a Peace Building Strategy (ULAP)

Katarungang Pambarangay Caraga Promotes Access to Legal Aid via Barangay Justice System

Making Local Governance Responsive to Peace Building and Development Needs

A Journey towards Establishing Trust and Confidence with the Talaandig Tribe

The Quest for Peace and Security in Butuan Sharing the Responsibility in Forest Management

Enhancing National Policy Guidelines on Land Use and Development Planning for Indigenous Peoples

Bridges of Peace Delivering Legal Aid and Paralegal Services in Caraga

Changing Mindsets in Protecting the Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary Sharing the Burden of Management

Promising Practices On the Human Rights-based Approach in German Development Cooperation — Consult – Consent – Cooperate: Integrating Indigenous Practices in Biodiversity Conservation in the Agusan Marsh, Mindanao, Philippines

Negotiating with the Spirits: Recognizing the Conservation Values of Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices of the Agusanon Manobo, Agusan del Sur, Philippines

Learning from Experience:
How indigenous peoples and local communities contribute to wetland conservation in Asia and Oceania

Experiences and added value of participatory governance assessments of protected areas in Bangladesh, Laos and the Philippines

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