Technical Working Group for Harmonization of Plans in Mount Apo Natural Park meets in Davao City on August 23-24, 2018

The MANP Technical Working Group Members

The MANP TWG started its work on January 23, 2018 after the MoA between DENR and NCIP on the implementation of the JMC 2007-1 on the “management of overlapping protected areas and/or their buffer zones and ancestral domains/lands” had been signed.

The MANP TWG is composed of DENR/PASu, NCIP, the 7 MANP LGUs, 3 NGOs and the 6 CADT holders of the MANP Ancestral Domains of both regions 11 and 12.

During a series of meetings and workshops conducted in 2018, the MANP TWG shared information and data, elaborated a common GIS map, templates, position papers and agreed on the alignment of boundary delineations, the harmonization of conflicting provisions and on implementation mechanisms like a joint migrant policy. Thus, the relevant texts from each plan were identified to be taken over into the other plans for harmonization.

Intensive agriculture (including the use of chemicals) in the multiple use zone

Altogether, the foundations were laid to harmonize 7 Comprehensive Land Use Plans (CLUP)/Zoning Ordinances, 2 Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plans (PDPFP), 6 Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development and Protection Plans (ADSDPP), 1 General Management Plan (GMP) and the 3 NGO projects, which are all overlapping within the Mount Apo Natural Park.


Additionally, the activities of the working group were linked to the other GIZ-COSERAM supported processes in the Mount Apo Natural Park like the formulation and revision of the MANP ADSDPPs, the strengthening of the indigenous peoples’ organizations, the Ecotourism Management Plan, the law enforcement policies, the strengthening of the Protected Area Management Board (PAMB), the data base management and materials for Information and Education Campaigns/CEPA.

In order to ensure the information exchange and the data base management, the TWG uploaded their outcomes in an internet cloud which will be under the lead of the PASu, Davao del Sur and accessible to the TWG member institutions. In addition, the parties agreed to register in the NAMRIA geoportal and to upload their respective GIS maps.

The common GIS map of the MANP Technical Working Group

Further, the MANP TWG opted to pursue its operations after the COSERAM program ends and came up with a sustainability plan. Based on a human security matrix, 21 issues to be tackled were identified with 5 issues to be prioritized as immediate next steps. The joint migrant policy and the transformation of damaging land use into environmentally friendly organic farming and agroforestry systems is to be implemented in 3 pilot areas in the Mount Apo Natural Park. Future MANP TWG meetings will be attached to the regular (Sub-)PAMB meetings under the lead of PENRO/PASu, so that their results can feed directly into the PAMB. In the meantime, the sustainability plan has already started with an inventory of landholdings in one of the pilot areas.

A big thank you to the members of the technical working group for their constructive cooperation and their successful work up to now! Let’s sustain it!

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